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About me


my name is Michel Van den Berghe and I welcome you on my model construction homepage.

My passion is, you surely know, the world of modelling.I began in recent years to build everything i can got. I was not afraid to built airplanes, ships, tanks and even I don`t stop to build figures. I built models through all scales and sizes. After some time I noticed however that it was not certain the thing, which fulfills me. I was limited first to the construction of vehicles on a scale 1/35, that was at the time, when a man called “ verlinden” began to produce accessories and models for sellers in a quality that never seen before.Finally he brought his products out, labeld with his name. Now if everyone wants to have his products, and every diorama nearly looks like  another, I diceded to change in the non favoured and common scale 1/72 ,because at that time I was contrived on my own ( accesoires etc.), and of cource already of lack of space. Till this day I `ve been faithful to my favourite 1/72 scale , if family, occupation and time it permits. Well, today the scale 1/72 is an popular and also established size in the world of modelling !!!  

Enough of scribbling, I hope you are impressed of my models and that they gives you a little  inspiration to convert your ideas in to real.

Finally I would like to thank to my webmaster and brother-in-law Stefan, who makes it real  to present my works with my homepage in the world-wide-web.

Michel Van den Berghe

If u want to contact me please use the Contactform!